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Aluminium facades
ARALCA - aluminum facades
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Architecture & Design
ARALCA - aluminum in architecture
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Aluminium in architecture
Railings and aluminum facades
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We have been casting aluminum products for many generations . Products that are very diverse and used in many industries. Our customers operate all over the world, and factories are located on several continents! Over time, we have gained extensive production, commercial and logistics experience. The ARALCA brand is one of our youngest but very creative “children”.

The possibilities offered by aluminum in architecture and construction have already been appreciated by the whole world. Aluminum is durable, very light and maintenance-free. Most importantly, thanks to the various casting processes, aluminum can be shaped in virtually unlimited ways. Visually, such architecture creates impressions that contradict the laws of physics. Aluminum is also an unusual surface … smooth, rough, glossy, matte, with a symmetrical pattern or fractals, in various shades and colors .

In ARALCA, we will make aluminum facades, facade cladding, sculpture castings, elements of small and large architecture and many other often unusual or artistic castings. We work closely with designers and architects , from the inception of the concept to the assembly of finished products to ensure our customers satisfaction

Aluminum facades


Aluminum elements

On building facades

Aluminum facades


Facade cladding

Manufacturer of aluminum claddings

Aluminum facades


We design and manufacture exclusive aluminum facades. We install ARALCA facades on office buildings, public and sacred buildings, commercial buildings, etc.

Aluminum in Architecture

Aluminum Architecture

Facade cladding

Aluminum railings

Light railings

aluminum facades

Practical solutions

Many materials are used in architecture, Aluminum is one of the most ecological. Building shapes, constructed using aluminum, often have gravity-defying forms.

Interior design with the use of aluminum

Thanks to ARALCA castings , you will achieve unique effects in the interior. Aluminum is used to make cladding, partitions, decorative elements and many unique products.

aluminum in interiors

Beautiful interiors thanks to aluminum

Applications of aluminum in interior design

See more information on aluminum facades

We produce aluminum facades. We work with designers and architects.

Aluminum in art

Sculpture, bas-relief, art structures of large sizes. Unusual shapes and structures that deny gravity (due to the lightness of aluminum).

Architectural – individual solutions

We invite designers to cooperate with us!

We work with architects and designers to achieve the desired effect of the appearance / style of the building.


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