Interiors of ARALCA

Applications of aluminum in interior design


We produce aluminum castings with a unique appearance. ARALCA products such as wall cladding, partitions, decorative elements, etc. decorate interiors in many countries around the world. Aluminum castings give rooms an exclusive style and functionality.

Interiors with the use of cast aluminum

Thanks to the unique possibilities of shaping and dyeing aluminum, we can achieve unique effects in interior design. Let’s not forget that aluminum is very light and durable. In the interiors, it can be used for cladding, partitions, decorative elements, furniture and many other products.


Aluminum in interior design

Aluminum cladding

Cladding of internal walls and partitions

Aluminum decorations

Bas-reliefs, aluminum ornaments, fractals, regular motifs

Gallery – aluminum in interiors

aluminum in interiors

Beautiful interiors thanks to aluminum

Applications of aluminum in interior design

Aluminium facades

We produce aluminum facades in ARALCA. We work with designers and architects!

Architectural – individual solutions

We invite designers to cooperate with us!

We work with architects and designers to achieve the desired effect of the appearance / style of the building.

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