Aluminum facades

Aluminum facades

Exclusive aluminum facades, designs and workmanship. We design and manufacture ARALCA facades, preparing them for installation on facades in various types of buildings, from sacred to office buildings.

ARALCA aluminum facades


ARALCA Facades

Aluminum facades

Aluminum facades

Production of aluminum facades

Aluminum facades

ARALCA manufacturer of facades

We design and manufacture aluminum facades. We install ARALCA facades on facades in office buildings, public and sacred buildings, commercial and service buildings, houses, hotels, residential buildings, banks or production plants.

Aluminum facades mean unlimited possibilities of arranging the facade of the building

We produce even the most unusual designs of aluminum curtain walls, multi-plane forms and spatial structures. Aluminum elements (decorated or painted) in combination with glazing give architects almost unlimited arrangement possibilities while maintaining safety standards.

Aluminum facades just the way you want!

The shape, pattern, color and surface of aluminum elements will be adjusted to the individual requirements of investors and designers. ARALCA products meet strict European standards. Thanks to this, they can be used in public and residential buildings and facilities. Already during the design phase, we provide investors with full technical information about the project under construction.

Aluminum facades and fire safety

We offer products that meet the requirements of the construction law in the field of fire protection. We produce aluminum facades in fire resistance classes: 15, 30 and 60 minutes.

The elements produced by us take into account the requirements of standards and regulations in the field of:

    1. Wind load resistance
    2. Snow load resistance
    3. Resistance to crowd load
    4. Air permeability
    5. Reaction to fire
    6. Waterproof
    7. Impact resistance
    8. Burglary resistance
    9. Acoustic properties
    10. Thermal transmittance
    11. Strength requirements
    12. Resistance to climatic influences

A wide range of colors and structures of aluminum surfaces

We offer a wide range of colors of aluminum facades. We give the possibility to choose the color of the facade or finishing elements of the facility. Our professional wet painting, powder coating and anodizing lines enable us to meet all your painting needs.

Quality and stable construction

Aluminum facades – modern aesthetics for demanding customers

ARALCA aluminum facades are a mix of excellent appearance and the highest quality with a guarantee for years. The facades offered by Aralca are light, durable and innovative architectural solutions . Our products are the optimal solution for shopping and business centers, residential buildings and public buildings.

We constantly follow new trends in architecture . ARALCA aluminum facades are characterized by the quality of workmanship and a stable structure.


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